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Season 3: New Features

Tribes of Midgard Season 3: Inferno Saga will be arriving with a GIANT amount of content on August 16! Today, we’re going over some of the HOTTEST new features! 

These changes, as well as all content from previous Seasons, will also be included for free in the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions when Tribes of Midgard releases on those platforms.

The Ruler of Múspelheim: Surtr

What’s hotter than a whole new Volcano-themed Biome? THIS GUY!

The big, big, fire boi

Surtr, the Inferno Ancient, has erupted in the Realm of Midgard and is launching an all-out invasion from his Lair at the peak of the Volcanic Spire. You will step through a fiery entrance and into an entirely new Arena – as expected, surrounded by thrashing molten lava.

Approach the Horn of Múspel with caution, and do your very best to avoid Surtr’s vicious Blade of Fire.

The Volcanic Spire

A whole new Biome has been added to the world of Midgard, and it’s HOT!

We dare you to go for a swim in the molten rivers. We know you’ll do it anyway.

Every new World will be able to access the Volcanic Spire. This molten landmass serves as the central battlefield in the Einherjar’s fight to repel the Inferno invasion and take down your biggest enemy to date. This area is only able to be entered by progressing through the new Saga Quest: Inferno, which aims to prepare you for the extreme heat (and threats) when ascending the Spire.

Complete with new musical scores and a unique ambiance, this dangerous new area hosts several unique creatures, crafting Materials, enemy Camps, and hazards (looking at you, Lava Rivers) to traverse.

Saga Quest: Inferno

A new Saga means a new Ancient, and a new Ancient means a new Saga Quest. 

A new Inferno Saga Quest will guide Einherjar on their journey to access the remote and dangerous Volcanic Spire. As part of Surtr’s invasion strategy, a number of Volcanic Outposts have been seen emerging across every Biome in Midgard. These emergent encampments contain a host of Surtr’s forces that can be quick to overwhelm you if you stumble into one unprepared.

However, if you manage to clear one out, their treasure chests are known to contain items of great importance to Surtr’s war effort. Bringing these Materials to the Gateway is a surefire way to take a trip to his Lair. 

Once the Gateway has been activated, players must launch a counter-offensive to fight their way up the molten peaks and kick down Surtr’s front door before he has the chance to burn the world with his volcanic fire.

Wield the New Spear Weapon

Stabby, stabby… but from afar!

Einherjar have remembered an effective Weapon from their past lives, the Spear! Filling a gap in melee-style combat, the Spear offers considerable linear reach compared to other Weapons. They will be able to keep more than an arm’s length away while taking down enemies trying to get the best of them!

The starter Villager Spear is unique in its construction in that only Wood is required when crafting it. This makes it a great starter Weapon for those with nothing to hide fending off ravenous wolves like a true Survivalist!

Game Over Screens 

Game Over screens have been overhauled to showcase more elements and statistics highlighting your accomplishments during each session! The new flow contains three screens that you can review or skip:

  • Global Results: A snapshot of the explored Map from the session will be displayed, along with a few highlighted stats, such as Time Elapsed and Enemies Slain.
  • Team Results: A grid that showcases all players in the session, highlighting their Character Levels and a top stat from which they took home the highest score.
  • Personal Results: A final showcase of all individual statistics accrued during the session, as well as where your Season XP is tallied. We’ve added many more stats to be showcased, including Souls Taken, Runes Found, and Damage Dealt. Like previous stats, these are all compared to your lifetime totals, for those who want to break their own records.


Fishing Rods can now be crafted like any other Tool and comes in the same rarity tiers. 

To Fish, search through Rivers and Open Seas for Mysterious Ripples. Einherjar will cast their Fishing Rod upon interacting with the ripples to start a time-sensitive mini-game. Interact again once the ripples have started splashing. If timed right, you’ll get several new fishable Materials to be used in new Recipes, including brand-new Meals (more on this coming in the Patch Notes)!

Look to the Patch Notes releasing August 16 for a list of the Fishable loot and recipes they can be used in!

We are beyond excited for all of the new content releasing on August 16 with Season 3: Inferno Saga. Be sure to follow Tribes of Midgard on social media for first looks at the new content!

Seil Seil for now,

Norsfell Team


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