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The end is nigh, and it is up to you to save Midgard!

Gather your Tribe in Tribes of Midgard, a 1-10 player co-op action survival RPG launching on PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam on July 27, 2021.

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Launch Timings for Tribes of Midgard

Times of Midgard is only a week away from launching on PC and PlayStation! We’re so ready to take down Giants with all of you on July 27!  PlayStation Global Release Times Need to know when Tribes of Midgard will be available to you? Vikings on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will see a rolling […]

State of Play Recap: Season 1, the Wolf Saga

Tribes of Midgard will feature free seasonal updates called Sagas! The Wolf Saga will be available at launch and adds additional challenges, exclusive loot, and a powerful new boss. ⚔

Influencers! Apply for a Creator Code

Tribes of Midgard is now accepting applications for Influencers to receive Creator Codes for launch on July 27! Apply Now on

Content Roadmap

Discover when your next adventure arrives in Midgard through our content roadmap.
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What is Tribes of Midgard?

Heads up, the Giants are coming! Mythical creatures, deadly spirits, and colossal brutes threaten to bring on Ragnarök—the end of the world. Form your tribe of up to 10 and become Viking legends in this action-survival RPG of gigantic proportions.

Explore a Bright Norse Realm

Discover dungeons and slay legendary beasts on your quest to take on Ragnarök.

Forge Your Viking

Choose your class and take the battle into the wilds as you craft epic armor and weaponry.

Rally the Tribe

Take down mighty Giants solo or with your tribe of up to 10 players.

Official iCUE Dynamic Game Integration

We’re teaming up with CORSAIR to deliver the most immersive Tribes of Midgard gaming experience on PC.

Turn your entire setup into an extension of the game with iCUE software, as the RGB lighting from all your CORSAIR iCUE-compatible devices dynamically reacts to what’s on-screen!

Watch as your PC and peripherals light up to highlight battles of epic proportions, player-related accomplishments, and world-changing events across more than 35 profiles!

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