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Exclusive Tribe

Join an exclusive community with special side quests and Discord access

Exclusive Swag

Get real-world gear like this gorgeous shirt

Exclusive Cosmetics

Show off in-game with items only earned as a Midguardian

How to get rewarded

There are two different ways to get rewarded

1. Points

By completing quests that we send you by email, you’ll earn points towards exclusive rewards, on top of other rewards you’ll get immediately after being accepted. Each 1,000 points grants you exclusive rewards such as in-game cosmetics, portraits, swag, and more.

1,000 points: exclusive in-game portrait
5,000 points: exclusive armor cosmetic
20,000 points: exclusive swag

And more to come…

2. Loyalty

Earn rewards for your continuous involvement!

After 10 Quests: exclusive in-game voice line
After 25 Quests: exclusive in-game portrait
After 52 Quests: exclusive swag

And more to come…

+ Instant Rewards

Receive these rewards immediately after being accepted!

Midguardians Pet: Princess Linda
New role on Discord
Access to private Discord channels
Access to giveaways
Access to quests

Apply Now

Become a Midguardian now and earn rewards for being a part of our tribe!

You will receive a response to your application within an estimated 7 days.

Join the Midguardians



The Midguardians are ever evolving, and a number of tweaks and updates will be made in according to your feedback. For example – we want to add new future rewards!

We are trying to accept as many people as we can, but we have a limit. If you are not accepted, it may be because we are at full capacity or there was an issue in your application. If you were not accepted, please try again in 2 weeks! 

Once you’ve filled out the application and joined our Discord, you should see the role apply within a few hours! Your name will change to the color blue and you will earn the role of Midguardian.

If you know people around you who want to get involved in our community, don’t hesitate to share the Midguardians link with them. If you are a Midguardian, you will be able to sponsor a friend if they use your sponsor ID! Each sponsorship allows you to earn points.

Not at all, but if you are, you are so welcome! The Midguardians are for all types of players, and you don’t need to have a community following to participate.

An active Midguardian is a Midguardian completing at least one quest per week, or having indicated that they are still actively participating this week. If a Midguardian is inactive for 3 consecutive weeks, that means a spot will be freed for a new Midguardian.

No, but Private tests are one of the rarer rewards we offer. The Midguardians is not just a Tribes of Midgard test program- it’s  a way to be one of our strongest supporters. However, we want to reward the most committed players in the community by giving them access to private Tribes of Midgard tests.

There are two ways to become a Midguardian! 

You can join by applying on our website here, or have another Midguardian sponsor you. 

For your efforts, you will earn points for completing quests, which then turn into rewards, earning you items both in game and in the real world. You will also have access to occasional Private Tests of Tribes of Midgard, in which your feedback will be greatly appreciated. 


If you want to leave the Midguardians, make sure to click the “opt out” button at the bottom of your last Midguardian quest mail. Your Discord role will also be removed.

The reason for removal is because we only have a limited number of members allowed, and want to give others a chance to join.

If you’re unavailable to complete quests, you are able to skip the week’s quests. You are able to do this only 3 times consecutively before you will be removed from the Midguardians, but you can re-apply.

The name Midguardians comes from Midgard, the human realm in norse mythology, and the word Guardian. You are protectors of the realm.


No, points do not expire. If this program ends, we will address points expiration at that time. The only way you will lose your points is if you choose to leave the Midguardians, or if you have been inactive for 3 consecutive weeks.

Each week, you will be able to see your current amount of points through email and through our Midguardians Discord bot.

To achieve the maximum amount of points, you must only complete the quests sent to you through the weekly email.

When you reach a milestone, you will receive an email saying you’ve reached it automatically. In the case of a virtual reward you will receive that immediately. For in-game rewards, you will be able to redeem them via SHiFT code in game.

Every week, we’ll send you an email (just one!) with a set of quests to complete. For each quest completed, you’ll earn points which add up to a milestone reward.


For any in-game rewards: these will be redeemable via SHiFT code once you’ve reached the assigned point value! Points are gathered by completing quests.

We want to keep some of it a surprise! However, we can tell you that it includes exclusive virtual rewards, swag, in-game items, and more to come. As a Midguardian you will also be able to take part in occasional Private Tests for the game. Lastly, you will earn the honourable role title of Midguardian in our Discord.

The Midguardian Program is operated by Norsfell Games and is subject to Norsfell’s Privacy Policy. Would you like to continue?

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