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Quick Update from Norsfell

Hi Vikings!

It’s been quite a busy past few weeks, and we hope you’re loving your adventures through Midgard so far. We just reached a milestone of 750,000+ players, and we can’t thank you enough for all the support! 

We’ve been listening to your feedback here, on our socials, and in our Discord – and want to be sure to communicate as much as we can with you. Today, we want to give you a heads up that there will be a Maintenance Update next week. 

In this patch, here’s a preview of a few issues you can expect to be resolved:

  • Fixed an issue in which the Warden would lose their 6th Rune slot after Saving and Quitting then returning
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Golden Horns would sometimes inaccurately display well above the maximum of 99 after taking the Bifröst
  • Fixed an issue in which defeating a Jötunn with an Enchanted Tripwire would wrongfully attribute the glory to Oðinn
  • Fixed an issue in which the petting prompt for your Pet could interfere with other interactions, like opening Chests. Now your Pets will have to wait their turn! 

We’re aware and hard at work on a few persistent issues, including a bug that has some players missing XP after a session. Next week’s update aims to improve this behavior, but if it persists, we’ll continue to need your help getting to the root of the issue so we can resolve this entirely. The team really appreciates your patience and continued communication on this.

In the meantime, if you experience this issue or any others, please report it to our Support site here:

Stay tuned to see the full breakdown and notes for the update. Looking forward to next week!

See you soon,

The Norsfell Team





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