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Hotfix: “Delete Save” Function

🛠️ Hiló Vikings 🛠️ We have deployed a Hotfix to all platforms to address an improvement to the “Delete Save” function which will allow you to return to a World upon accidental use. The “Delete Save” function’s purpose is to entirely clear your player slot from a World, to free that for someone else to […]

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Tribes of Midgard’s 2nd Anniversary Update is HERE!

Tribes of Midgard’s 2nd Anniversary Update is HERE! Can you believe it’s been two years since Tribes of Midgard’s official launch!? We’re very excited to share this Anniversary celebration with those who are most important to us: our amazing community. To express our love and appreciation, this update focuses on many community-requested features, like Construction […]

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Tribes of Midgard: Construction Limit Update

Survival Construction Limit + Final Ancient Update Construction Update (Survival Mode): [Norsfell Note]: Enabling the player’s ability to express their creativity is vital to us, and we understand that the technical limits on the Construction system can often feel restrictive. That is why we’ve been hard at work optimizing and re-configuring our systems to loosen […]

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Hotfix: Witch-4.0-1

Hiló Vikings! 🛠️ We have just deployed a Hotfix to resolve some issues identified during the Witch Saga update. You can see the full list of fixes below. There is no downtime – you will just have to restart Tribes of Midgard to see the changes! 🙌 Fixes: As a reminder, here are the Witch […]

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Tribes of Midgard: Witch Saga Update Patch Notes

The Tribes of Midgard Witch Saga update is HERE! Brave the cold depths of Niflheim on your journey to save a god from the realm’s tyrannical ruler. Forge new Weapons, don new Armors, consume new Meals, and wield powerful new Runes on your epic quest! (💙 = top community suggestion) Features: New Biome: Niflheim New […]

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