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Cat Plushies for Charity + Tribes of Midgard’s 3 Year Anniversary Event!

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Oh, sorry, our cats ran across the keyboard… they can’t contain their excitement because…


And speaking of those cats, we have a surprise…

Plushies for Charity

We’re thrilled to announce our Sóleyra and Mániklo plushies campaign in collaboration with Makeship!

These cuddly companions are not only cute – they’re also a way for us to give back to our local community. All of Norsfell’s earned proceeds will be donated to the SPCA, an animal protection charity in Montreal. The campaign will run just until July 28th, 2024, and for it to be successful, we’ll need your help to reach our goal of 200 plushies (for each cat)!

Adopt your cat(s) here, and if you get both of them… they actually connect together in a snuggle-formation!



We thank you greatly for your support to help make a change to our furry friends. 🐾

SHiFT Code: Free Cat Portraits

Are you an e-Viking at heart? Pick up the Sóleyra and Mániklo in-game Portraits for free in-game or redeem them via SHiFT code! These exclusive portraits are free only during the 3 Year Anniversary event – so go claim those furry friends.

Sóleyra Portrait code: KKRJT-C6XRW-FXWH5-3J33T-XJHZC

Mániklo Portrait code: C56JJ-J6XFW-6RWSK-TT33J-959WS

Redeem here:

Anniversary Festive Event

As with our yearly tradition – from June 27th to July 18th, Miðgarð receives a vibrant makeover! We’ve adorned the Main Menu with festive decorations, and keep an ear out for the joyous musical tune. The party extends to the Village, and to all the free-roaming chickens (real, or dressed-up Vikings) that have been let loose across Miðgarð.

We’ve also got 3 Festive Challenges in store for you – one per week of the Event, where you can earn rewards and unlock in-game items!

On an egg-citing note: on top of the exclusive Chickem Supreme Portrait earned from our Week 2 Challenge, the Chickem Pet is now free to all players to pick up in the Shop until the end of the 3 Year Anniversary Event!

Lastly, rally your tribe to pick up Tribes of Midgard at 70% off from June 27th – July 11th in Steam’s Summer Sale. And don’t forget to wear a helmet to keep from getting sunburnt!

Here’s to 3 years, more than 4 million players, plenty of Linnorm-chasing, getting squashed by Trölls, forgetting about the Jötunn…. our success in Miðgarð wouldn’t have been possible without your brave hearts, and the guidance of our mystical (and opinionated) cats: Sóleyra and Mániklo.

We can’t wait for what the future holds, and will share more news when the stars align!

Seil seil,

The Norsfell team

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