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Tribes of Midgard: Our Next Major Update – Dev Blog #5

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Hiló Vikings,

Today we’re very excited to be bringing Dev Blog #5, and to talk with you about what’s coming next for Tribes of Midgard, including some sneak peeks for our next major update in 2023! ☃️ You can check out the full video above! 🙂 Here’s the recap:


We welcomed many new Einherjar by launching on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch this year, meaning that Tribes of Midgard is now available just about everywhere.

As always, we want to thank our beloved community (that’s you). We’ve been looking closely into all of your feedback and accomplishments in the game – like this 30 minute speedrun (wow)!

This year, our Midguardians Community Program also reached over 12,000 members, with over 30,000 rewards redeemed.

We celebrated our first anniversary together, and released our biggest update by far – the Inferno Saga, with its entirely rebuilt Survival Mode, among many other additions. We also had 2 returning events: Valhalloween and Yulidays.

Our new studio is finally furnished, and our team of 41 is now enjoying the benefits of fully flexible working from here or home. What a year! And we aren’t stopping anytime soon – let’s get into what’s coming next.


We’ll say it here first – 2023 will start off with a new, free, major Saga update to Tribes of Midgard! A new Saga means a new Ancient, and new content, but also, plenty of surprises across both Game Modes.

Here are a few sneak peeks for you.


What is Viking life without a little farming? With your new Shovel, you’ll be able to plant Essences anywhere in Midgard, and then reap the benefits of your bountiful harvest. That includes growing Vegetables used for new Meals, but also Garnet and Iron. It’s magic!


In Survival, players will now be able to find a Sapling per biome, offshoots of Yggdrasil where bases can be built around to benefit from its aura. But, it also triggers enemy attacks to put your defenses to the challenge and earn extra rewards.


Last October, we increased the Construction amount limit based on your feedback. We’ve now also increased the building height limit from 5 storeys to 9, so you can build your very own 3-story Treehouse.

And this is just one of the dozens of improvements brought to Construction Mode, with others including a handy “undo” button, see-through effects to choose from and landscaping to remove unwanted resources after placing a piece.


Yup. And they level up!


Our next update will bring over 30 Quality of Life improvements, and most of them are inspired directly from our community. Let me list off just a couple…

  • A brand new potion, Mimir’s Water, allows you to reset your Class and Blessings. Get that theory crafting going, speedrunners!

  • Challenges can now be tracked and redeemed in-game. No need to return to the Main Menu!

  • Cosmetics constructions allow you to swap your best costumes and bring your cutest pets along!

  • Moderation options were added to allow kicking players, but also to trigger votes in Saga Mode to encourage fair play.

  • Last but not least, Chat history is now available with time stamps!

This is just a taste of what’s to come in 2023. 

Who knows, you might even get to explore a new biome and sport your favorite beards very soon! In the meantime, enjoy our Yulidays Festive Event before your Worlds are reset early next year to make room for our next major update! Be sure to follow us on our socials for all other information.

Thanks for your support, stay toasty, happy holidays from all of us at Norsfell, and we’ll see you in the New Year! 👋

Seil Seil!

Twitter: @tribesofmidgard
Twitch: tribesofmidgard

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