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Tribes of Midgard on Sale at 66% off + Valhalloween Festive Event!

 Festive Event from Oct 19th – Nov 8th

It’s the spookiest time of year, and Tribes of Midgard is on sale at 66% off on Steam, Xbox and Nintendo Switch from October 19th until November 1st!

Midgard has embraced the spooky spirit and donned its seasonal costume! The Village, the Goblins—and even some Helthings—will be showing off their fall-inspired makeovers during our Valhalloween Festive Event! And do be sure to keep an ear out—themed Main Menu and night defense musical tracks will also be making their ghoulish return.

Festive Challenges

During the Valhalloween Festive Event from October 19th to November 8th, there will be 3 Festive Challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event:

Valhalloween Additions

Take on howl-oween with your trusty Sleepy Howl, Riding Rooster (Dark) or Duneyrr the Stag – our newest Mounts!

With new Skin Tones, Hair Dyes, and even an ominous new Loot Chest adorned with wrought iron chains and some foreboding glyphs… your Viking will be looking totally eerie-sistible.

Pick your Trick-or-Treater

Which companion do you want to take trick-or-treating along with you? Let us know by voting via our social channels choose between the Little Stranger or Fluffy Fang Pet, and we’ll be giving away a SHiFT Code to all players via our social channels early next week!

Lastly, make sure to join our Discord to meet up with our community for a spook-tacular time. Stay safe out there, and don’t let the Úlfurs bite!

Seil seil,

The Norsfell Team

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