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Tribes of Midgard’s Valhalla Saga update is HERE!

Tribes of Midgard’s Valhalla Saga update is HERE!

The Valhalla Saga represents the culmination of the Einherjar’s fate-defying fight against the Ancients to stop Ragnarök. Defeat all four Ancients in a single World and return to the Sanctuary to reach this epic conclusion, while keeping an eye on those Sanctuary stones as you complete each Saga Quest to uncover their mystery. Valhalla awaits, Einherjar!

Forge new Armor, wield powerful new Runes, defeat two mighty new Ancient Variants, and travel in style with Mounts! All this, and much more, awaits you, Einherjar. To Valhalla!

💙 = top community suggestion
🌸 = Byefrost Festive Event


Saga of the Ancients Epilogue:

  • Witness the narrative conclusion to Tribes of Midgard’s campaign story arc that started back at our official launch two years ago.
    • Note: When playing Survival, remember to check in with Eira and her new Dialogue between each Saga Quest to learn more insights about your journey every step of the way.
  • As you defeat Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Surtr, and Hel in a Survival or Saga World, watch and listen as the stones react to your journey, and return to the Sanctuary after all are slain to gain access to a new mystery area.
  • This new area will take you through a unique, action and narrative-packed sequence culminating in an epic showdown with a brand new Ancient at its end
  • Survive the climactic confrontation to access a brand-new animated cinematic ending
  • If you’re feeling particularly bold, players who complete the full story in a Solo Survival World with Permadeath enabled will be treated to a special extended version of the end cinematic, representing the true ending.

Giddy-up, Einherjar — Mounts are Here! 💙

  • Mounts have made their long-awaited debut, and just in time to assist the Einherjar on their journeys to take down all four Ancients and reach the epilogue.
  • Mounts are enabled by default, and each player starts with an Amber Horse.You can view your selected Mount from the Accessories section of the Customize menu.
  • When in-game, the Mount button is greyed out until you reach the Level Requirement for your Einherjar (LVL 10 in Survival, LVL 3 in Saga).
  • Once you’ve reached the prerequisite Avatar Level, simply hit the Mount button to summon your trusty steed from Valhalla and get going, offering a large 40% speed boost when traveling.
    • By default, mounting up requires you to hold the Mount button to activate. You can adjust between Toggle and Hold methods in the Accessibility Settings menu and adjust the Controls to remap the Mount button to your liking.
  • Mounts have their own HP bar that regenerates over time. If they’re reduced to 0 HP, you will be dismounted and enter a cooldown before you can Mount up again.
  • Many quick interactions, such as opening Gates, activating Effigies, or talking with NPCs can be done while still mounted. However, deeper actions such as Harvesting and Reviving will dismount you, but will not trigger its cooldown.
  • You can collect various Mount types from the Cosmetics menu. See Content section below for more details.

Survival – Permadeath Setting:

  • Now when starting a Solo or Multiplayer Survival World, you can toggle whether to have Permadeath active or not.
  • As it sounds, there is no respawning in Worlds with Permadeath enabled; you die and it’s Game Over, Einherjar — so die well.
  • When navigating a World list, you’ll be able to see which Worlds have Permadeath enabled.
  • Additionally, a label will appear in the HUD in game and on the Game Over screen.

Valhalla Level and Rewards Revamp

  • We’ve overhauled how new Rewards are unlocked. Rather than a Season Rewards track, Valhalla Saga features a new system focused on earning and spending Golden Horns to pick and choose the content you want.
  • Formerly known as Season XP, players will now earn Valhalla XP.
  • Functionally the same, Valhalla XP will increase your Valhalla Level all the way to Level 50, and for every Valhalla Level gained, you can claim offerings of Golden Horns from the Rewards menu.
  • Once you max out at Valhalla Level 50, your Valhalla Level will become ∞ and you can still accrue additional offerings of Golden Horns by attaining a level’s worth of Valhalla XP.
  • All Challenges previously requiring Season Level progress can still be earned through Valhalla XP.
  • All Gameplay unlocks requiring Golden Horns, such as Runes and Recipes, have been moved from the Shop to this new Rewards menu to better distinguish between unlockable Gameplay items and unlockable Cosmetic items.
  • As such, the Shop has been renamed to the Cosmetics menu to reinforce this distinction as well as reorganize the menu itself. You can return to the Cosmetics menu Daily to claim free Platinum Coin rewards.
  • New unlocks that would normally fall under Season Rewards track progression are now accessible by completing new Challenges, viewing the new Rewards section, and browsing the new Cosmetics menus, respectively.

The Byefrost Festive Event (April 11 – May 1)🌸

It’s that time of year, where Vikings gather from all over to collectively say Goodbye to winter’s frost and embrace the colorful blossoms of a Spring renewal. And so, join us as we celebrate our Byefrost festive event from April 11th to May 1st!

The Valhalla menu, the Sanctuary, the Village, and even the Goblins (er… this time Floblins) will be showing off their festive spirit. Enjoy the Byefrost themed Main Menu music track as you kick back, smell the roses, complete some challenges, and enjoy our new Cosmetic offerings!

Festive Challenges:

During the Byefrost Event, there will be 3 Festive Challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event.

Complete these challenges to earn unique Byefrost Portraits and Cosmetic Currency:

  • Challenge #1: April 11 – 17: Defeat Enemies: Spring Bunny x30
    • Reward: Byefrost Portrait
  • Challenge #2: April 18 – 24: Defeat Enemies: Wolves x50
    • Reward: 250 Platinum Coins
  • Challenge #3: April 25 – May 1: Defeat Enemies: Floblin x80
    • Reward: Floblin Portrait

New Cosmetics Debuting with the Byefrost Update:

  • Flower Piercer Set
    • Spring has sprung! Don this flower-adorned outfit and smell the roses.
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns
  • Dáinn the Stag Mount
    • The Yggdrasil stag of Spring is ready to lend its aid! Guess all that communing with the stags paid off, eh?
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
  • Bobo the Spring Bearer
    • The herald of Spring has come! Rejoice!
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins


  • New Crafted Equipment Recipe
    • Valr Armor Set (Epic)
    • Armor Perk – Bow Up: Deal extra damage with Bows
    • Valr Godguard (Shield)
      • As per all craftable Sets, you can also unlock the Cosmetic version. See Cosmetics section below for more details.
      • [Norsfell]: With the addition of the Valr set, now every Weapon type has a corresponding Armor Perk to boost its damage


  • New Ancient: ???
    • There is a new mystery Ancient awaiting you. We’d tell you what it is, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy…soooo, cryptic messaging for the win?
  • New Runes
    • Shock Trooper (Common): Reduce damage received from enemy Jars and Turrets by [50%].
    • Eye See You (Common): Increase Fog of War reveal by [25%].
    • Shooting Starfish (Common): [50%] chance to drop 1 Speed Orb after successfully fishing a Mysterious Ripple.
    • Mana-ger (Uncommon): Reduce Mana spent when casting Spells by a [low] amount.
    • Jarl Alpha (Uncommon): Increase HP of summoned allies by [50%].
    • Friendstone (Rare): Teleporting with your Waystone triggers a healing pool of [1,000] HP around you.
    • Eir Superiority (Rare): Increase effect duration of Eir Effigies by [75%].
    • Like a Valkyrie (Rare): Defeated enemies have a [15%] chance to summon 1 Unsunken ally to fight alongside you for a time.
    • Jet-Packed (Rare): Combo attacks have a 10% chance to trigger a geyser of lava that deals [high] fire damage.
    • ??? Rune (Legendary): Combo attacks have a [20%] chance to petrify an enemy, turning them to stone for a time. Increase Physical, Fire, Ice, Dark and Thunder damage by [40%].

  • New Starter Kits
    • Bird’s Eye View Starter Kit (Common): Eye See You Rune x2, Sorcerer Map x1
    • Trapper Starter Kit (Uncommon): Enchanted Tripwire x1, Einher-a-JAR Rune x1, Shock Trooper Rune x1
    • So Blessed (Uncommon): Blessed Hands Rune x1, Eir Superiority Rune x1
    • Depth-Seeker Starter Kit (Rare): Walking Furnace Rune x2, Helthing Slayer Rune x1
    • Choose of the Slain Starter Kit (Epic): Jarl Alpha Rune x1, Like a Valkyrie Rune x1

  • New Ancient Variant: Blademaster Surtr
    • This Surtr sports a fresh new look that echoes throughout his Lair and he’s not afraid to show you why they call him Blademaster
    • Emphasizing crushing sword-based attacks, Blademaster Surtr aims to bring the entire Volcano down upon the Einherjar in a molten fury, so best to stay on your toes.
    • Original Surtr’s name has been updated to Surtr (Lavasinger)
  • New Ancient Variant: Hexwielder Hel
    • If you thought Hel’s mastery of Dark magic was already impressive, wait ‘till you get a load of the Hexwielder!
    • Hexwielder Hel seeks to overwhelm any overconfident Einherjar with barrage after barrage of magical projectiles until they’re naught but purple dust upon her throne room floor. Welcome to (literal) Bullet-Hel!
    • It will require paying careful attention to the behavior of her many spells to effectively dodge and grant yourself an opening to take her down, but we believe in you!
    • Original Hel’s name has been updated to Hel (Voidcaller)

  • Survival – Bonus Blessing Points via Saplings
    • Successfully defending a LVL 5 Sapling from an invasion will reward a bonus Blessing Point drop!
    • These bonus drops can even be used to unlock every remaining Blessing after achieving the Avatar Level cap of 50. Achieve ultimate divine power! SO BLESSED!
  • Survival – New Constructions
    • New Construction Pieces:
      • Invert Wall Slope – Twig/Wooden/Stone
      • Roof Cross Wall – Twig/Wooden/Stone
    • The goal of these additions is to make it easier for players to plug empty spaces in their Constructions
    • New Decorations:
      • Stool
      • Bench
      • Small Barrel
      • Target
      • Medium Barrel
      • Feast Table
      • Large Barrel
      • Æsir Statue
    • Unlocked through Challenges – see below

New Challenges and Meta Rewards:

  • New Survival Challenges
    • The Story: Complete the Epilogue in Survival Mode
    • From Beyond the Veil: Complete the Epilogue in Solo Survival Mode with Permadeath enabled (true ending)
      • The true ending will be a special, extended version of the final cinematic at the end of the Valhalla Saga
    • Hero of the Forest: Successfully defend a Bright Forest Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
    • Hero of the Swamp: Successfully defend a Land of Pools Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
    • Hero of the Beach: Successfully defend a Ash Beach Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
    • Hero of the Desert: Successfully defend a Smoky Highlands Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
    • Hero of the Summit: Successfully defend a Glacier Peaks Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
    • Hero of the Volcano: Successfully defend a Volcanic Spire Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
    • Hero of the Depth: Successfully defend a Niflheim Sapling LVL 5 from an invasion in Survival mode
  • New Saga Challenges
    • The Last Stand: Complete the Epilogue in Saga Mode
    • Inferno Saga: Lavasinger Part 1/2/3: Defeat Lavasinger Surtr in 14/10/8 Days in Saga Mode
    • Inferno Saga: Blademaster Part 1/2/3: Defeat Blademaster Surtr in 14/10/8 Days in Saga Mode
    • Hel Saga: Voidcaller Part 1/2/3: Defeat Voidcaller Hel in 14/10/8 Days in Saga Mode
    • Hel Saga: Hexwielder Part 1/2/3: Defeat Hexwielder Hel in 14/10/8 Days in Saga Mode
  • New Daily/Weekly Challenges
    • We’ve added a number of Daily/Weekly Challenge criteria, earning additional Rewards for performing deeds such as completing Personal Quests and harvesting specific Resources in Easy/Medium/Hard variants.
  • Valhalla Levels:
    • Claim an offering of Golden Horns from the Rewards menu after every Valhalla Level Up
    • Formerly known as Season Levels and Season XP
  • Daily Platinum Coins:
    • Claim free Platinum Coins from the Cosmetics menu every 24 hours
    • See Cosmetics section below for a list of the earnable rewards.

New Cosmetics:

  • Mounts! 💙
    • Horses – These tried and true Valhalla-bred steeds are ready to accompany you on your journey and come in a variety of looks:
      • Horse (Amber): UNLOCKED BY DEFAULT
      • Horse (Black and White)
      • Horse (Grey)
      • Horse (Brown)
      • Horse (White)
        • Unlocked with Golden Horns
    • Brother Björn – Bears have officially arrived in Midgard!
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Bobo the Spring Bearer: The herald of Spring has come! Rejoice! 🌸
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Garmr – The loyal hound of Helheim has grown up and turns out to be a pretty darn good mount, too. What can’t he do?
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Dáinn the Stag Mount– The Yggdrasil stag of Spring is ready to lend its aid! Guess all that communing with the stags paid off, eh? 🌸
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins

  • Cosmetic Sets
    • Valr Set (Cosmetic Version): Armor x5 and Equipment x1
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns
      • Also serves as an Epic craftable Armor Set and Shield. See Crafting section above for more details.

    • ??? Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins

    • Flower Piercer Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x1 🌸
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins

  • Dual-Toned Hair Dyes 💙

We’ve added a number of unique Legendary Hair Dyes that consist of two colors each. Go show off those mighty locks!

    • Community Commander Hair Dye
      • At long last… manage your community in style! ^-^
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns
    • Fimbulwinter Hair Dye
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Fenrir Hair Dye
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Jörmungandr Hair Dye
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Surtr Hair Dye
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
    • Hel Hair Dye
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins

  • ??? Face and Hair Style
    • Don the locks and visage of the ???
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
  • New Pet
    • Jasper – Jasper the friendly Draugr is here to bring peace to all the Realms!
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns

  • New Portrait
    • ???
      • Unlocked through Challenges
  • Survival – Animated Intro
    • Joining or starting a Survival video will now trigger a cinematic sequence based off of our partnership with Titmouse for the animated trailer of Tribes of Midgard — now fully voiced in High Midgardian!

Balance Changes

  • Ancient Runes Update 💙

[Norsfell]: When we originally introduced Legendary Runes tied to each Ancient, we wanted to lean into fun utility associated with their themes. However, over time we felt this was not truly befitting a Legendary Rune, nor was it befitting the power of our Ancients. To make Ancient slaying more rewarding, we’ve added powerful new effects to each of their Runes, on top of reviewing their existing utility. Happy hunting!

    • Fenrir Rune
      • Reduce Durability loss on Equipment by [50%], and increase damage dealt by [100%] when under 50% HP.
      • Note: Durability loss was reduced from 100% to 50% to make way for the powerful new effect and avoid bypassing durability loss entirely with a single Rune.
    • Jörmungandr Rune
      • Enable infinite swim endurance and increase swim speed by [75%]. Increase HP by [50%].
    • Surtr Rune
      • Nullify hot Temperature effects, and prevent damage when swimming in lava (we knew you would want to try, have fun!). Increase damage dealt by last combo attack by [150%].
    • Hel Rune
      • Nullify cold Temperature effects, and increase movement speed by [20%] during the night. Gain [medium] Mana over time.
  • Combat
    • Survival: Small reduction of the autoscaling on Jötnar and Ancients’ Armor
    • Survival: Small reduction of the autoscaling of stats for Jötnar and Ancients as they Level Up
    • Small reduction of all Jörmungandr max HP and Armor
    • Small reduction of Doomhowlder Fenrir max HP
    • Moderate reduction of all Surtr max HP
    • Doubled the HP and damage dealt by summoned Unsunken Vikings
    • Increased Durability on all Melee Weapons by 10%
    • Increased Durability on all Bows by 20% 💙
  • Crafting
    • Large Bones have been added to the loot tables for Skeleton Remains found in the Smoky Highlands
    • Kelp has been added to the loot table of Unsunken Warchiefs and Ash Beach Sapling defenses
    • All Storage Chests and Warchest have an inventory tab
    • Saga: Slight increase to amount of each Material deposited from Quarry, Lumberyard and Farm
  • Saga Quests
    • Saga Mode: Hvergelmir Serpents and Níðhöggr Tooth Chips can be purchased from the Ash Beach Sorcerer for 3,000 Souls
    • Hvergelmir Serpents required for Saga Quest reduced from 9 to 8
    • Saga Mode: Múspelite can be purchased from the Smoky Highlands Sorcerer for 3,000 Souls
    • Survival Mode: Golden Horn rewards for turning in Jötunn Trophies at Eira have been standardized to 2 Golden Horns each.
    • Standardized the amount of Event Fragments earned from completing Events for all Event types to make it easier to achieve multiple Saga Quest objectives.
  • Saga Village
    • Greatly increased health of LVL 2 and LVL 3 Gates
    • Moderately increased damage of default Arrows shot from Archer Towers
    • Moderately increased damage of non-explosive elemental Arrows shot from Archer Towers
    • [Norsfell]: Improving Gate HP, Extractor Materials, Event Fragments, Archer Tower damage, and similar changes are all in the combined effort to make defeating every Saga Quest in a single Saga Mode session more easily achievable.
  • Classes 💙

[Norsfell]: We continue to look at Blessings tied to Class identity that we feel are underutilized or not as strong as they could be in order to help players carve out a more unique playstyle. This latest round should make the niche of every Class more fun to lean into and increase their viability across the board.

    • Ranger
      • Charged Shot: increased from 20% to 25%
      • Quickshot: increased from 20% to 25%
      • Ullr’s Step I: base damage doubled and cooldown increased from 4 to 6 damage
      • Ullr’s Step II: base damage doubled and cooldown increased from 4 to 6 seconds
    • Guardian:
      • Passed Judgement: Mana earned when sustaining a hit increased from 5 to 10
      • Refused Judgement: Mana earned when blocking a hit increased from 10 to 15
      • Pain Release I: damage of Pain Gauge explosion doubled
      • Pain Release II: damage of icy Pain Gauge explosion doubled
      • Laws of Attraction: damage of pull effect doubled
    • Berserker:
      • Wrath Unleashed: damage from Blast increased from 1500 to 2000
    • Hunter:
      • Trap Stacker: increase bonus of maximum held Traps from 2 to 4
    • Warden:
      • Potion Stacker: increased bonus of maximum held Potions from 1 to 2
    • Sentinel
      • Shield Throw: active duration slightly reduced
  • Class Challenge Criteria 💙
    • Seer
      • Reduced the number of Bifröst extractions required to unlock the Class by 50%.
        • This should make it not only easier to unlock the Class, but reduce the number of sessions that involve players leaving via Bifröst very early on in order to speed up their Challenge unlock criteria.
      • Required amount of Saplings to deploy reduced by 50% across all stages of the challenge
    • Warden
      • Required Runes to acquire reduced by 33% across all stages of the challenge

QoL Updates:

  • Status UI 💙
    • Recognizing the pain called out by the community in tracking the various effects and timers, we’ve implemented a status effect section on the HUD that will show when a Perk/Buff/Debuff is in-effect and how much longer it will be in effect for.
    • Negative status effects are shown in red.
    • This should help keep track of your Temperature potions, Effigy buffs, and just how much longer you’ll have to endure Jormie’s vile poison.

  • Survival Storage Chest Dismantling Update 💙
    • Storage Chests can now be dismantled again if they have items within, however, whenever a Storage Chest is dismantled or destroyed by any means, all of its contents will now drop on the ground nearby.
  • Improved Status Tracking on the Map 💙
    • When using the Map, hovering over something buildable/upgradeable, such as a Villager Station, Gateway, or Extractor, will now display the remaining Materials required to upgrade them.

    • Extractors in Saga Mode now have a timer visible on the map for when the next shipment is due.

    • Jötunn health bars are now visible on the Map above their icons.

  • Abandon World Clarity 💙
    • The Abandon World button is now highlighted in red, further spaced out from Save & Quit, and made into a smaller button.
    • Community feedback has shown that players may sometimes accidentally abandon their Worlds due to how the options are presented.We understand the issue and apologize for any prematurely abandoned worlds. Due to the weight of the consequences (Abandoned Worlds are lost forever), we wanted to improve the clarity and distinction between Save & Quit and Abandon World options.
  • Quest Presentation
    • When selecting your Saga Quest, we’ve added a number of visual elements to help distinguish them and make the selection of your next journey a little nicer to look at (still dangerous, but prettier!).
    • Personal Quests have received a similar visual update, and now even show the Quest NPC on the side panel so you know exactly who you’re looking for (especially helpful if you’re bad with names!).
    • We’ve also added the Ancient Runes that will be awarded from the Treasure Chest when completing Saga Quests that require taking down an Ancient
  • Golden Horn Cap Increase 💙
    • Maximum amount of Golden Horns held increased from 99 to 999.
  • Repairing UX
    • One-button Repair option added when at the Repair Bench or Allforge.
    • Repair-All function now shows the total Souls cost to perform the repairs.
  • Session Timer
    • In the Settings menu, you can choose to display a Timer that will appear on your Sundial HUD and track the duration of your session.
    • Have at it, speedrunners!

  • Journal Update
    • Journal entries were added for all Elite enemies.
  • Saga Mode Matchmaking Update:
    • Players will be less likely to find themselves in a game that’s been going on for a while, and should only be connected to an ongoing Saga World that’s less than 2 in-game Days old.
  • Recipe Tab
    • Map Consumables, Souls Potion, Valkyrie Delivery, and Mimir’s Water items have been added to the Recipes menu.
  • Eira Visibility and Dialogue
    • Eira icon is now visible on the Map for ease of recognition.
    • Eira now has an ongoing Quest Icon above her head to encourage interaction when turning in Trophies or gaining insight.
    • Eira’s dialogue has been revised to guide the players throughout their full series of Saga Quests in Survival mode while providing additional narrative context.
  • Tutorial Tips
    • A number of new Loading Screen Tutorial Tips have been added centering on new gameplay additions.
    • Cat Tutorial prompts will now trigger to provide more insight and tips after triggering the following:
      • Jötunn defeat
      • Looting an Essence
      • Placing Constructions in Survival mode
      • When reaching the Construction Limit in Survival mode
      • When the Blood Moon is starting in Saga mode
  • HUD Clarity Improvements:
    • A subtle VFX will play when your Waystone is off cooldown.
    • Durability gauge will go red when Weapon or Shield durability is low.
    • Minor adjustments to spacing around UI elements and contextual pop-ups to improve readability
  • Better Visibility when Indoors 💙
    • Increased the opacity when standing behind your constructions to help with interior visibility.
  • Host Transfer
    • When a World’s creator abandons or is removed from a World, the creator’s privileges (view password, kick, ban) are transferred to the next oldest player in the session.
  • Misc Improvements
    • Constructions will now have a visible arrow on their placement preview to show their direction. Especially handy when placing Doors.
    • Biomes have received new particle VFX to add to their ambience.
    • Increased walk speed when in Build Mode by 25%.
    • Players can now drop and share Quest Artifacts.
    • There is now a red pulse on the map when a Construction is attacked, highlighting its location and status.
    • Mushrooms in the wild have been updated to better match their icon and make them easier to recognize during winter.
    • Some Material icons have been adjusted so the art doesn’t overlap with the quantity counter, namely Large Bones and Werewolf Fangs.
    • The Change Realm button on the Map received a visual update to better differentiate Niflheim from Midgard.
    • Mouse-over tooltips added for the Socials icons on the Main Menu.
    • Quest NPC dialogue has received the same text color coding treatment as everywhere else.
    • Improvements have been made for Controller navigation on the Main Menu and when changing highlighted selections.
    • In addition to all the above, we have made many, many bug fixes as we continue to further improve stability and work with you to address ongoing issues affecting the Community. If you encounter any issues, please report them to our Forum here. Your continued support and assistance in chasing hard-to-reproduce bugs is incredibly appreciated!

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know of any feedback you have — and enjoy the Valhalla Saga!

Seil seil,
The Norsfell team

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