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Patch Notes – Serpent 2.02-05

Hiló Vikings,

We hope you’re doing well! We’re currently hard at work on the revamped Survival Mode and all that’s to come for Season 3, and will have more news to share about that very soon. 🙂

Following yesterday’s announcement that Tribes of Midgard will be available via PlayStation Plus from May 3rd – June 6th, we have a minor patch which has just been deployed!

This patch does not require any downtime – just be sure to restart your game to see the changes on all platforms (PS4, PS5, Steam, EGS). Here are the notes!

Double Season XP!

  • Effective as of this release, we are doubling the amount of Season XP earned in both Saga and Survival Modes.
    • Norsfell: Over the course of the Wolf and Serpent Sagas, we’ve been tracking Season XP progression very carefully and have come to the conclusion that in its current state, it is slower paced than we anticipated. We want players to be able to level up their account progress while having fun in Tribes of Midgard, whatever form that takes, and without having to worry about optimizing their Season XP gain efficiency in order to chase those unlocks. We’ll continue to monitor over the coming months but feel this is a worthwhile first step towards making progression feel quicker and (literally) more rewarding.

 Stronger Boats, Boats, Boats!

  • All Boat types have had their HP boosted by 100% and the maximum collision damage that can be received has been cut in half.
    • Norsfell: We noticed that Boat durability was a little more flimsy than we expected, making it very easy to find yourself shipwrecked. We greatly boosted the HP values of all Boats to give them some much needed survivability so it’ll take more than a bump or two to end your Viking journey.

Shop Rotation Speeding Up

  • To account for the increasing amount of content and offerings we plan to add, we’ll be speeding up the Featured Shop rotation to every 3 days, from every 7.

Quick Reminders

  • Be sure to join our Discord if you’re looking to find a tribe, or if you have any questions at all! Our community will be glad to welcome you in.
  • As always, if you’re experiencing any issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know on Discord or through our official Support site – we’ll be happy to help!

Seil seil, and talk again soon,

The Norsfell team


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