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Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga Coming December 14

Hiló Vikings,

The time has finally come… and the sea awaits! Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga makes landfall on December 14th! 🐍

The PlayStation Blog gave us our first look at what is coming in Season 2. Here’s a recap of what they shared!

We’re so excited for you to dive into our newest, free seasonal update – featuring a new Saga Boss, Boats, a new Ocean Biome full of opportunity, new enemies, new weapons and armor, new Runes, Starter Kits, and more. We’re also kicking off a festive Yulidays event, and adding a boatload of additional balancing and quality of life updates!

And oh yeah… almost forgot. You can swim!

The Serpent Saga: A First Look 

We’ll start off with a first peek at some of Season 2’s content! Here’s a quick recap – but keep in mind that this isn’t all we have to share, and you can check out more in the blog post below. Stay tuned for more details as we approach the update, and for the full Patch Notes reveal on December 14th.


  • Yes. We heard your Viking cries loud and clear – and have worked hard to implement aquatic exploration for Season 2. Your fate is now in your hands!


  • Similar to the Quarry, Farm, or Lumberyard, you’ll have to re-build a Shipyard to be able to use it. As you upgrade the Shipyard, you’ll gain access to new and sturdier boat kits, all of which will allow you to use your construction screen to build your boat.


  • Three different boat types await you: smaller, more nimble Færings, a medium-sized Karve, and a glorious Drakkar. Each has different statistics for health, speed, and player count. The choice is yours!

Beachside enemies and combat

  • Not only will there be hazards in the Ocean, but you’ll have to be wary of the shores you explore – they’re full of new camps, and new enemies (more on that soon). 

Runes, more Runes!

  • To help conquer your seafaring journey, we’ve added five new Runes. We’ll keep these as a surprise for now. You’ll now have 40 Runes at your disposal!

A new Serpent Saga Boss

  • Sssshhh…. we’re not ready to reveal all the details surrounding our Serpent Saga Boss just yet. Let’s just say you’ll find this mythical creature of legend on a desolate island out at sea. I wonder who it could be?

The Yulidays Festive Event

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our seasonal Yulidays will make its debut, featuring festive content including a pet, cosmetics, changes to the main menu and village, and festive challenges.

Okay, we’ll stop there. Gotta save some stuff for release day! Be sure to check out the full blog post here for a bit more detail on what awaits you in the Serpent Saga: Read More Here!

The Serpent Saga FAQ

We’ve got some quick notes for you before we splash into Saga 2:

  • We want to give a friendly heads up for the brave Vikings out there, particularly those tackling the 100 days Survival Mode challenge; all Worlds will be reset at the beginning of the Season 2 update. Make sure to keep this in mind! A reminder will also be enabled in the main menu.
  • Your Season Level will also begin anew – but don’t worry – along with the remaining existing challenges, you’ll have plenty of new items to discover and new challenges to take on.

Expanding on Midgard:

  • Season 2 brings a brand new Rewards Track – so you can use this time now to progress in the current track. You will keep the items you earn! All items from Season 1’s Rewards track will then be found in the Shop for Golden Horns (exception of the Wolf Saga portrait).
  • Sagas will build upon each other in every sense, meaning Fenrir will still be available to fight in all the worlds of Midgard. You’ll be able to choose which Saga you take on at the Quest Board in your Village, and toggle the one chosen.

Our Updated Road Map

Our plans for Tribes of Midgard extend well into 2022 and beyond! As we keep on expanding the experience based on your feedback, we want to ensure that the release dates we communicate are accurate. Our team’s well-being is vital for us and in a world filled with many challenges, we’ll keep on updating this roadmap, one Season at a time. Thank you for continuing to be an awesome community, and for your continued support. 

We’ve been hard at work the past few months to create this next adventure for you, and are eager to hear what you think of the update. To start off… what are you most looking forward to? Let us know! We’ll be hanging out in the comments below.

Seil Seil, and see you soon,

The Norsfell Team

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