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Tribes of Midgard’s 2nd Anniversary Update is HERE!

Tribes of Midgard’s 2nd Anniversary Update is HERE!

Can you believe it’s been two years since Tribes of Midgard’s official launch!?

We’re very excited to share this Anniversary celebration with those who are most important to us: our amazing community. To express our love and appreciation, this update focuses on many community-requested features, like Construction system enhancements, QoL additions, and some fresh Cosmetics honoring community lore. 👀

For those who were around for our 1st Anniversary, you may recall the “Chickem Pet” and “Ragnarooster” Set, which we’ve seen you represent with the greatest of style…

Keep on reading to discover where our feathery friends led us next – let’s dive into it!

💙 = Top Community Suggestion
🎂 = Anniversary Festive Event


Construction Limit Increase (again!) 💙 [PC, Xbox, PlayStation]

  • As part of our continued efforts to work with you to provide more flexibility with the Construction system, the Construction Limit has once again been doubled since the previous update, making it, in total, approximately 20 times higher (!) than the original limit since we debuted this feature with Survival 2.0 last year. Build away!

Construction Gauge Update

  • A forewarned Viking is a forearmed one. In addition to greatly increasing the Construction Limit, we’ve also updated the Construction Gauge to better communicate when players are approaching the Construction Limit, including a marker for when you’re within 25% of hitting the limit.
  • Please note that we do recommend staying below this threshold if you wish to ensure the most optimal performance for your World.

Construction Efficiency

  • Walk speed while in Build Mode has been increased to fluidify Construction.
  • Players are no longer interrupted when placing each Construction, enabling rapid building.
  • The ability to place ground Constructions over water and lava rivers has been re-enabled.(Norsfell): Seeing our community’s ever-growing creativity unfold before our eyes is among our favorite things, and with this update, we wanted to do everything possible to facilitate that creativity by increasing limits, updating the gauge, and fixing any issues that may get in the way. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!

Survival: Training Dummy Construction 💙

  • Players can now craft Training Dummies from the Constructions tab of the Allforge in Survival Mode.
  • Deploy the Dummy and start perfecting your build by tracking your Total Damage, last Hit, and Damage-Per-Second (DPS)!

Survival: Additional World Slots 💙

  • Survival Mode now has 5 slots for Multiplayer (previously was 2) and 5 slots for Solo Play (previously was 1).
  • Saves are now configured by Slot number, so if a World is created on Slot 3, it will remain on Slot 3 until deleted.

Starter Kits Visibility 💙

  • A handy Starter Kit button has been added to the Play tab on the Main Menu.
  • Players can use this button as a shortcut to see and select their own Starter Kits.
  • This feature will also grant visibility on what Starter Kits everyone else is using when playing in a Group. Yep, that’s right, that friend of yours will never start naked again (…we can hope).

Survival: War Chest 💙

  • A War Chest has been added next to the Sanctuary in Survival Mode.
  • This War Chest behaves similar to buildable Storage Chests, but cannot be dismantled or moved.
  • Players who permanently leave the World will have their Inventories automatically deposited into the War Chest.

Cosmetic Loadouts 💙

  • Players can now save and select up to 8 fully-configurable Cosmetic loadouts from the Customize tab in the Main Menu, to change your style on the fly!
  • Loadouts include your choice of Character options, Mount, Pet, Loot Chest, Protection Cosmetics, and Weapon Cosmetics — so let the fashion shows begin!
  • In Survival, a Loadout Armoire Construction can be built and deployed to access your Saved Loadouts from in-game.

Favorited Cosmetics

  • Players can now use an input to pin any of their owned Cosmetics as a Favorite.
  • Favorited Cosmetics will always appear at the top of your collections for easy access.

The Anniversary Festive Event (July 31 – August 21) 🎂

Two years have come and gone so fast. Time to celebrate with our Anniversary Event from July 31st – August 21st!

The Valhalla Menu, the Sanctuary, the Village, the Unsunken, and even the Goblins will be showing off their festive spirit, with some even donning the feathers of the enigmatic roosters. Enjoy the festive themed Main Menu music, complete weekly challenges, and our new Cosmetic offerings!

Festive Challenges 🎂

During the Anniversary Event, there will be 3 Festive Challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event.

Complete these Challenges to earn a unique (feathery) Anniversary Portrait and Cosmetic Currency:

  • Challenge #1: July 31 – August 6: Defeat Rooster Goblins x80
    • Reward: 250 Platinum Coins
  • Challenge #2: August 7 – 13: Defeat Roosters x30
    • Reward: Chickem Supreme Portrait (Exclusive)
  • Challenge #3: August 14 – 20: Defeat Rooster Unsunken x40
    • Reward: 250 Platinum Coins

QoL Updates:

Saga Quest View 💙

  • Players can now view which Saga Quest they and others in the World have selected via the Map screen (visible in both Saga and Survival Mode).

Game Mode Information

  • We’ve added an input when highlighting each Game Mode on the Main Menu to provide a more in-depth description and visualization of the unique experience of each Mode.

Abandon World Name Change 💙

  • Abandon World has been renamed to Delete Save to further clarify its purpose. Delete Save indicates that you would like to permanently remove a World from your World Slots.

  • (Norsfell): We understand the pain that this option was causing, and that a color change (in our previous update) was not enough – therefore to make things even more clear, we’ve changed this button wording to “Delete Save”. Please again note that this will permanently remove a World from your Worlds List, and you will not be able to join back. If you would like to leave a game in progress, and return at a later time, “Save & Quit” should be used instead.

Survival: Jötunn Arena Portals

  • A portal to the Sanctuary will appear upon defeating a Jötunn in their Arena. Returning to Eira has never been easier!

Raven’s Eye Blessing Camera 💙

  • Players who have the Raven’s Eye Blessing active should now retain the maximum camera distance and not automatically zoom in when Mounting, fighting Trölls, etc.

Claim All Golden Horns

  • There is now an input to Claim All remaining Golden Horn offerings from the Rewards tab on the Main Menu (for those who’ve been hoarding too many).
  • Hold for Invasion
  • To avoid accidental Invasions when interacting with a Sapling, the Summon Invasion input now requires a Hold.

And even more fun stuff!

  • Improved flow of attempted password entry when joining a Private World, to not be returned to the Main Menu.
  • Harmonized the look of all progression bars in the Progress Menu.
  • When an Ancient is defeated, the Variant name is no longer listed to make it more immediately legible and improve readability across all languages
  • Claimed Allforges and Beds will now list the name of the Player who claimed them.


New Pets

  • Trú
    • Trú is a trusty Crow companion gifted to the Einherjar by the gods as a sign of faith in their mission to defy Ragnarök and save the Realms
    • All Players will have Trú added to their Pets collection for free!
    • (Norsfell): New players will have Trú equipped by default (while current players can equip via the Character Customization options) to achieve our goal of ensuring everyone has immediate access to the Autoloot mechanic via their Pet. Reminder that you can toggle Pet Display and Pet Autoloot options On/Off through Settings.

  • Huginn
    • One half of Óðinn’s famous raven duo, Huginn is a little too smart for his own good and loves to bury any who would listen in an avalanche of facts and theorems.
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns

  • Muninn
    • The other half of Óðinn’s famous raven duo, Muninn is a little too insightful for his own good, and harnesses his perfect memory to chronicle the many histories of the Nine Realms through overly theatrical and dramatic retellings.
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns

New Mounts

  • Chickem Supreme 💙🎂
    • The Chickem you know from last year has evolved, and the (un)official mascot of the Anniversary Event has arrived – just don’t look it in the eyes!
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns
  • Dvalinn the Stag
    • The Stag of Summer is here to embrace the sun.
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
  • Houndling
    • Though emerging from the dark depths of Niflheim, this very good boy does not choose sides, preferring to follow his nose instead.
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins

New Portraits

  • Chickem Supreme Portrait 🎂
    • [In the beginning, there was Chickem. Then, came Chickem Supreme. Represent the (un)official mascot of the Anniversary Event with this portrait for your Viking.
      • Unlocked with Event Challenge (Exclusive)
  • Trú Portrait
    • Unlocked with a Golden Horn (yes, just a single one)
  • Surprised Commander
    • Based on the legendary Discord emote to honor our Communications Commander. For the tribe!
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns

New Multi-Texture Skin Tones

To further customize your Vikings, we’ve added new types of Skin Tones, inspired by some of the iconic characters of Norse mythology. These special Tones have multiple textures and pull off the unique looks of the Realms from which they hail.

  • Brennálfar Skin Tone
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns
  • Dökkálfar Skin Tone
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns
  • Fossegrim Skin Tone
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns

New Hair Dyes

We’ve loved hearing your comments surrounding the dual-tone Hair Dyes that we added in the Valhalla Saga, so we wanted to keep the good times rolling with some new Ancient Variant-inspired Dyes!

  • Fenrir (Wolfmancer) Hair Dye
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
  • Jörmungandr (Vilespitter) Hair Dye
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
  • Surtr (Blademaster) Hair Dye
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins
  • Hel (Hexwielder) Hair Dye
    • Unlocked with Platinum Coins


New Rune

  • Power Within (Epic): Increase effectiveness of Blessings that deal active damage by (50%).
    • Unlocked with Golden Horns

    (Norsfell) Inspired by the Blessing of the same name, we wanted a Rune that evoked mastery with abilities, but this time with Class abilities like Shield Throw and Ullr’s Step II. The goal is to open up builds that can focus on buffing these particular types of Blessings.

Rune Changes

  • Nothing to Wield (Rare): Increase the damage of Punches and Kicks by (150%), enabling resource harvesting with fists.(Norsfell): We originally intended for the Nothing to Wield Rune to give players some flexibility and potency when unarmed, especially in the early game. However, its impact on Blessings — most notably the Sentinel’s Shield Throw — was higher than anticipated. To refocus the intent of the Nothing to Wield Rune, we removed its impact on Blessings but greatly buffed its impact to Punches and Kicks. Further, as we liked seeing builds emerge centering on Blessing damage, we made a new Rune specifically for that purpose. We hope that this combined approach leads to even more build options moving forward.


  • Fully Verified on Steam Deck
    • Bring the Jötnar-slaying to the comfort of your couch! Moving up from the Playable state, we’re glad to share that Tribes of Midgard is now fully Verified on the Steam Deck, ensuring you have the smoothest gameplay experience possible.

Cheers to 2 fantastic years! It’s been our adventure to share together, and we can’t thank you enough for being our biggest supporters.

As always, don’t hesitate to let us know of any feedback you have, join our Discord to share your excitement with the rest of our community — and enjoy the Anniversary Update, Vikings!

Seil seil,
The Norsfell team

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