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The Valhalloween Festive Event has begun! – Oct 11th – Nov 1st

Embrace the spooky season! This celebration returns to Midgard today, October 11th, 2022. Everyone and everything from Valhalla, to the Village, to the Goblins (and even some Helthings) will be showing off their seasonal makeovers. The Valhalloween themed main menu and night defense musical tracks will also be making their return! 

Along with the Festive changes, we’ve introduced improvements to the Construction system – quintupling the build limit on PC and doubling the limit on all other platforms. We’re still hard at work on this system, and have taken the first steps in a direction to allow for more Constructions in a World, but have plans to improve and optimize it further with our next large update. We are actively monitoring your conversation surrounding the build system and beyond, and appreciate all your feedback!

With that said, let’s get this Valhalloween party started.  

Patch Notes

  • Valhalloween Update – QoL Changes:
    • Construction Limit Gauge
      • To help track the Build Limits within a given World, we’ve added a UI element in Survival that tracks the progress as more Constructions are placed, making it easier to recognize when you’re about to hit the cap.
    • Increased Build Limit
      • We worked hard to optimize the weight of large amounts of Constructions in a single World so that you can build the Viking home you always wanted!
      • We’re continuing to improve this system and monitor how it handles from a technical standpoint out in the wild, but in the meantime we’ve increased the Build Limits on all platforms as such:
        • Quintupled the Build Limit on PC
        • Doubled the Build Limit on all Nintendo Switch as well as all Xbox and PlayStation platforms
    • Storage Chest Sharing
      • Crafting Stations now have a visual radius when interacting or placing them. This radius indicates that the contents of any Storage Chest located within its bounds can be accessed for the purpose of crafting and does not need to be in the Player’s inventory. This should ease up Players’ ability to readily access Materials from any combination of Storage Chests when crafting from nearby stations.
    • Storage Chest Dismantling
      • We recognized that it was a little too easy to have your Storage Chests be dismantled while there was still precious cargo inside, losing it forever. To remedy this, we’ve made it so that you cannot dismantle a Storage Chest until all of its contents have been removed, triggering a warning if you try to do so.
    • Center on Shrine
      • When pressing the Seed of Yggdrasil shortcut on the Map, the cursor now centers on the Shrine instead of the Seed, something very useful to free up fast travel with a controller and a feature requested by the Community.
    • Shop Currency
      • Currency icons have been added to Shop categories to better inform players at a glance (E.G. Gameplay section has a Golden Horn icon)
    • Loading Screen Progress Bar
      • Loading screens now come equipped with a handy little loading bar to help communicate the progress
  • Festive Challenges:
    • During the Valhalloween Event from October 11th to November 1st, there will be 3 Festive Challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event. 
    • Complete these Challenges to earn unique Valhalloween Content
      • Challenge #1: October 11 – October 17: DEFEAT PUMPKIN GOBLINS
        • Reward: Vybyn Portrait
      • Challenge #2: October 18 – October 24: DEFEAT VAL HELTHINGS
        • Reward: Frog Prince Pet 
      • Challenge #3: October 25 – October 31: DEFEAT WEREWOLVES
        • Reward: Frog Prince Portrait
  • New Cosmetic Sets Debuting with Valhalloween Update
    • Wizard Costume: Armor x5 and Equipment x6 
      • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop
    • Goblin Costume: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
    • Geirröðr Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
    • Hálogi Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
    • Angrboða Set: Armor x5 and Equipment x6
      • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • New Pets Debuting with Valhalloween Update
    • Frog Prince Pet Princess Linda’s magical long lost BFF has made his dramatic entrance, and he’s as majestic as we could have hoped for!
      • Unlocked by completing festive Challenge #2 during Valhalloween
    • Vybyn – Goblin spy sent out to steal secrets, or super friendly little buddy who just wants to vibe out with the Einherjar? Either way, he’s cute as Hel. 
      •  Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
    • Little Geirrö – Before he was a frozen mountain of ice-cold fury, this little ice cube just wanted to be a superhero. Whatever happened, you’re still our hero little Geirrö – stay frosty! 
      •  Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
    • Little Hálo – Yes, he grew a molten beard that young. Some say it even helped with his cooking! Just watch out for his fiery sneezing.
      •  Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
    • Little Angr – The little terror of the Nine Realms. Don’t take your eyes off of her for too long, you’ll regret it! 
      •  Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop
  • Valhalloween Update – Bug Fixes:
    • Optimized a number of performance issues caused by having a lot of Constructions active in a single World
    • In our efforts to better optimize mass Constructions, we fixed a number of issues in which people were loading into games and falling through the World
    • Fixed an issue in which Door Constructions’ open/close animations would not always play
    • Fixed an issue with controller placement direction when rotating in Build Mode.
    • Fixed some instances of the ! icon staying indefinitely for new items even after you’ve viewed them.
    • Fixed an issue in which you could not place the Allforge once you’ve reached the Construction cap. You can now place the Allforge regardless of the cap.
    • Fixed an issue in which the Bow Firing animations would stagger if the player was moving forward while shooting.
    • Fixed a rare issue in which Players would return to the Sanctuary when emerging from an Underpass or Hideout

Weekly Live Streams

During the month of October, we’ll be streaming each Friday at 3:00pm EST on our Twitch channel as well as on YouTube and Steam! Be sure to tune in as we’ll be reviewing your feedback, Valhalloween outfits, completing challenges, and dropping some SHiFT codes.

Enjoy the haunting season, Vikings, and if you complete the challenges or pick up any of the ghoulish new gear, be sure to tag us so we can see! 👀

Seil seil,

The Norsfell Team







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