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Season 3 Post Launch: Top FAQ, Known Issues, Construction Limit – Dev Blog #4

Hiló Vikings,

It’s been just about two weeks since the launch of Season 3, and since Tribes of Midgard newly arrived to players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch! In case you’re new here (hello, welcome!!) or need a quick reminder, here’s just some of what rolled in with the Inferno Saga update:

We wanted to take today to talk about your feedback, upcoming improvements, and celebrate what we’ve seen you create so far! Let’s get into it.

Survival Mode Changes & Construction System

First and foremost, we have seen that you have been reaching the limit for Constructions. We completely understand the desire to build bigger, better, and more creative Viking settlements, and it’s one of our top priorities to increase this limitation.

In all transparency, the cap was set in place due to technical limitations, and we’re working on revamping that system to see what’s viable, while ensuring the game remains as stable as possible. We expect the increase in Constructions to take effect in game early October, aligning with our Valhalloween update. 

We’ll stay in close touch and let you know as soon as this change can be made – thank you so much for your understanding and patience. It’s not just the Construction limit that we’re looking into – we’re also looking into Construction height, pulling Materials directly from Storage Chests, and alerts to prevent dismantling a Storage Chest that contains Items, among a few.


We also wanted to recap some of the top-asked questions this past week or so:

  • Where can Yarn be found?
    • Yarn can be found on Unsunken Enemies at Ash Beach (Survival + Saga), or, it can be crafted through the Tanning Station (Survival) or Tinker (Saga).
  • Do Ancients respawn in Survival Mode?
    • No, Ancients do not respawn in Survival Mode (however, we’re always open to feedback and this may change in the future). Jötnar respawn and they will level up. 
  • Where can I find Quest Fragments in Survival Mode?
    • You must craft the Artifact Altar. First, you’ll craft the Mining Cutter from the Allforge. Then from the Mining Cutter, you can craft the Artifact Altar, so long as you have a strand of Angrboða’s hair.
      • We are also exploring bringing Quest NPCs to Survival Mode in Season 4.
  • How can I Repair items in Survival Mode?
    • You repair for Souls using the Allforge (deployable anytime from the Build Menu).

If you ever have more game questions, don’t hesitate to pop by our Discord.

Reporting Issues and Upcoming Hotfix

If you’re experiencing any bugs or issues, similarly please be sure to either head to our Discord or Forums to receive real-time assistance. You can find the full list of currently known issues here.

There will be an upcoming hotfix to address some known issues, particularly surrounding game stability, including:

  • Higher powered enemies will now also drop the basic Materials of their lower-powered counterparts, in addition to Refined Materials. 
    • For example, weaker Unsunken Warriors drop Yarn, while the strongest Unsunken Warriors drop Spun Yarn. Now, the strongest Unsunken Warriors will also drop Yarn in addition to Spun Yarn.
  • Multiple fixes relating to various crash issues [All platforms]
  • Fixed an issue in which Survival Sessions were not listed as Joinable from the Friend’s List [Xbox]
  • Fixed an issue in which players were unable to send Invites from Private Survival Worlds [Xbox]
  • And more, to be shared very soon!


We’ve seen some great guides created by our community, and others have been created in our Forum. Feel free to check them out here!

Community Highlights

Though we are working to address the Construction limit and other pain points, we’ve so far seen some pretty awesome builds submitted in our Discord and want to celebrate their creation. Here’s just a few of them we wanted to feature:

So many cozy homes.

And lastly, how could we not share this impeccable Linnorm Costume?

Created by Discord member MattBarr

Tell us what you think!

As a final note, if you’re enjoying the game so far, please consider leaving us a review on Steam! It really helps us out as developers to hear your thoughts and feedback, and helps us to grow an even stronger community of Vikings. We appreciate your support more than you know!

Be sure to join us on Discord or Twitter to hear all the latest news, and to chat with us directly! We’re still taking in plenty of feedback, and aiming to address some of your top concerns and suggestions. 

Thanks for the trust and patience, and we hope you’re having a great time so far slaying Ancients.

Talk soon, and seil seil,

The Norsfell Team







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