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Judge Geof

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O.M.T.P Rin yamaoka

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One small tip we’ve heard others share is that you run faster on paths! They will also lead you to Shrines or Merchants. 🏃

Also, quick reminder that we'll have more information on Saga 2 soon... keep a close eye out. 👀

Rally up, Vikings! We'll be holding another Community Stream this Thursday, Dec 2nd, at 3pm EST. See you there! 🙏

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Me spending another day in Midgard trynna pet these puffins

In the Shop today ⭐️

Our Monkey pet is back (he prefers to be called Cloud King). You can also pick up the V1.K1NG tactical blade!

Featured items rotate Monday at 8:00pm EST. 🕐
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Ever wonder what the NPCs are on about? Here's just some of the phrases you'll hear in Midgard, spoken in our in-game language, High Midgardian!

Remember to say "Hiló" to your tribe! 👋

Is there a feeling of unbeatable punching power when running around with 4 Nothing to Hide Runes? absolutely

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