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Judge Geof

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O.M.T.P Rin yamaoka

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his body is round, his little legs aren't designed for distance

Did you know the more you take care of the Seed of Yggdrasil, the more it takes care of you? 💙

feeding the tree Souls will heal you, your teammates, and the Gates! the more Souls it has, the faster the heals ✨

If you ever feel unnoticed just remember there's a rallying horn in the Village that I don't think I've ever seen a single teammate use 🥲 tribesofmidgard photo

yeah i know we play as a viking in games but what if vikings were real

alright time for a little throwback.. which of these sets do you prefer, the Helthing Set or Linnorm Costume? 👀 tribesofmidgard photo

Today we celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with all those who identify (including our fearless Norse girlies in game)! 💙

May our voices be heard boldly across realms. ⚔️
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