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Season 3: Inferno Saga – Survival 2.0

Survival Mode gets a GIANT update in Season 3: Inferno Saga

Tribes of Midgard Season 3: Inferno Saga launches on August 16 with a completely revamped Survival Mode!

Our goal is to create the ultimate Viking sandbox that blends our combined love for ARPGs, Survival games, and Norse mythology. Fans of both the quicker, Rogue-lite-inspired Surthrival gameplay of Saga Mode, as well as the slower, more exploratory pace of Survival Mode will feel equally served in updates moving forward.

Survival Mode has been fully rebuilt from the ground up to transform it into a more relaxed but equally exciting Tribes of Midgard experience. Some of the more time-pressure elements of Saga Mode have been stripped away. Say goodbye to the Endless Winter and Nightly Defenses, and say hiló to a variety of Helthings and monsters to hack and slash through in the wild!

The Survival 2.0 update now begins in a time before the Seed of Yggdrasil had a fully fleshed-out Village to call home. The Einherjar start off in the Sanctuary in a World without any Village, Walls, Constructions, or friendly Villagers to craft for you. Veteran Einherjar, Eira Foot-Crushed, is around to provide initial guidance (and protection!) on what you need to do – with help from some furry little friends along the way– see Catorials below!

We also had the absolute pleasure of being able to create an animated trailer to celebrate the new Survival Mode updates – check out our collaboration with Titmouse here!

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So what does an Einherjar without a Village do? They start building! The Construction system was massively overhauled to allow players to create the exact homes they want. Not only in terms of features, with new capabilities like camera rotation and new Build Menu, but also in terms of content, with new Stairs, Doors, Pillars, Decorations, etc. as well as a wide variety of Crafting Stations for all the Builder Vikings out there.

This update to Survival Mode, as well as all content from previous Seasons, will also be included for free in the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions when Tribes of Midgard releases on those platforms on August 16.

It will also feature a number of changes to core gameplay, including: 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Survival 2.0 is designed so you can play Tribes of Midgard at your own pace. There are many new features to accommodate this change in Survival Mode…but the biggest? There will no longer be a Village to defend every night! What else?

  • Days will last longer at 20 minutes each to give ample time before the night. Note that seasons will keep on alternating between summer and winter.
  • Helthings will spawn sporadically throughout the environment at night but will not attack the Seed of Yggdrasil. They are still tough to take down but offer dark Materials and XP when defeated. Make sure you’re prepared if taking a night-time stroll!
  • Each of the Jötnar have set spawn points located within enclosed Arenas that have to be entered in order to defeat them in open combat. This can be done at any time, and can be repeated with a greater challenge, provided you’re up for the task.

Crafting System

Screenshot of Tribe of Midgard, a Viking with red hair and a masculine body looks at the Allforge, which is a giant silver anvil with yellow circles and runes on it. A great pet cat is by the Viking's side.
The Allforge gives you the power to build anything you desire… assuming you know how!

The crafting system in Survival has been entirely reinvented.

With no Village or Villager vendors, you’ll need to rely on yourself and the trusty Allforge—a magical little Dwarven invention accessed from the Build Menu and placed anywhere, free of any Material costs—to progress and survive. The Allforge lets you repair Equipment for a standard Souls cost, and more importantly, instantly build as many Constructions, Crafting Stations, and Decorations as you can, anywhere on the map. Each player can only have one Allforge out at once, so simply craft it again to redeploy to a new position.

Once a Crafting Station has been built from the Allforge, it will show up in your Build Menu inventory. Use the Build Menu again to place the Crafting Station wherever you’d like and get crafting. 

  • Need Tools to start chopping wood and mining iron? Use the Allforge to build a Tool Grinder and craft some Tools! 
  • Are wolves getting a little too close for comfort? Use the Allforge to build a Weapon Furnace and fight them off! 
  • Hurt yourself trying to sneak into a Dökkálfar Camp? Use the Allforge to craft a Meal Cauldron and get cooking with all new recipes to heal and buff your character! 

Crafting Stations can be upgraded to unlock more powerful recipes and even entirely new Stations. They can be placed anywhere, including on the higher floors/storeys built in your base. Once you get going, it’s only a matter of time before you have a Village of your own.

Saga Quests

Saga Quests act as overarching objectives for players to progress towards. The first several Saga Quests will have you hunting down the Jötnar in their Arenas. Upon their defeat, they will reward players’ Materials to further progress in the World by unlocking powerful Crafting Stations, such as the Boat Dock, that will allow you to sail to new lands, loot better Materials, and take on greater challenges (even the Ancients themselves).

Text on the left side reads: Tribes of Midgard, Season 3: Inferno Saga. Ancient Rewards for Survival Mode. The right side has images with corresponding text for each item. Heimdallr's Tower is a gray watch tower with a white glow. Freyr's Ship is a gray longboat with a sail that has a picture of a boar. Sindri's Foundry is a gray firepit with gold accents
Rewards for defeating the various Ancients in Tribes of Midgard

Ancients (formerly known as Saga Bosses) are the almighty bosses that are introduced in each new Saga. There are powerful rewards for taking down the Ancients:

  • Sindri’s Foundry: Defeating Fenrir rewards players with a unique Construction that consumes unwanted Equipment and Runes for Souls. Invincible to damage and can be re-deployed at will like the Allforge (see below).
  • Freyr’s Ship: Defeating Jörmungandr rewards players with the fabled Skíðblaðnir, a unique Drakkar ship. Invincible to damage, can be re-deployed at will, and is the fastest ship in the game.
  • Heimdallr’s Tower: Defeating the Inferno Ancient (name unknown… for now!) rewards players with a mighty Watchtower and garrisoned Archer. Just like a standard Watchtower, the Archer can be equipped with more powerful arrows. Unlike standard Watchtowers, however, this Archer is stronger by default, the tower is invincible to damage, and can be re-deployed at will.

Blessing Tree and Level Progression

A GIF of the Blessing Menu in Tribes of Midgard. The left of the screen shows a box with various blessing icons being scrolled through. Some are bright green and white, and some are greyed out to show they are not active. The right side shows how many Blessing Points remain and describe each Blessing hovered over.
The Blessing Tree is completely different in Survival Mode, with 90 Blessings to choose from!

With the Survival Update, Einherjar will choose their skills through an entirely new Blessing Tree. The Blessing Tree is unique to this game mode and allows for more freedom to pick and choose from the 90 Blessings available. With this change, the max Character Level is increased to 50 to give more skill combinations during the increased playtime per World.

Shared Character XP for upgrading Stations or activating Portals has been changed in favor of personal Character XP gains for exploring and continual building. Players will work together to build a community and adventure through the land of Midgard.

While playing Survival, your Viking will come across Season XP loot. Season XP has a chance to drop from any activity that will also net you Character XP, such as defeating enemies and harvesting resources. Some methods guarantee large amounts of Season XP to drop, like defeating powerful enemies or raiding Camps.

Season XP is automatically attributed to your Account Profile in real time and contributes to your Season progression, no need to turn it in or Abandon your World.

The World

The Worlds generated in Survival 2.0 are larger than anything seen previously and have been custom-tailored to the game mode. Players start on a large, central continent and will be able to explore the Open Seas as they progress through the early steps of their adventure.

Due to the increased player agency over exploration and means of travel, managing where your base is located will be key. There are a number of options to safely expand your dominion via crafting at the Allforge:

  • Beds: Beds can be claimed to serve as Respawn points, which will come handy when facing your demise (being an Einherjar does not make you invincible!)
A viking in gold armor and a masculine body type has built a small shack with brown wood and placed two wooden beds and a chest inside. Sindri's Foundary, a grey and gold bonfire, is to the right of the image, and the Tree of Yggdrasil, a blue glowing tree surrounded by runes, is to the left. There are stone fences around the front of the house.
  • Bonfires: Bonfires will help keep you warm in cold climates so long as you deposit Branches to keep the fires alive. Very useful when landing on a cool Ash Beach in the dead of night.
A viking with a feminine body type black hair, black pants, and a brown top holds a bow on the Ashen Beach. The beach has black sand and grey rocks, with some grass sprouting up and many crabs. There is a bonfire in front of the Viking. A gold cat is by the Viking's side.
  • Shrines: Shrines act as Fast Travel points, allowing you and your Tribe to build your own travel network throughout Midgard!
A Viking in blue armor with a masculine body type and red hair is by a cliff in a field. They have their grey cat pet next to them and are looking at a grey rock formation, a shrine.

Construction 2.0

A double storied house has been built next to the Seed of Yggdrasil, a glowing blue tree with runes surrounding it. The House has a stone base and stairs to the second level. A wooden fence creates a front year that has various crafting stations and the Allforge, a silver anvil. There is a small additional house to the right with a bed. Both houses are made of stone with yellow roofs. A Viking in gold armor is running up to the fence gate. The house has been built next to a waterfall and a river.
Build your new Viking home in Midgard!

We’ve reworked the Construction inventory to be more modular and significantly more flexible. Everything is scaled to fit a 1x1x1 area for increased interconnectivity. In addition to Grounds, Fences, and Ramps, new Construction pieces are available including Walls, Pillars, Roofs, and Doors, among many others. Each Construction comes in three tiers with different levels of strength and material requirements, ranging from twig/thatch and wood to slate/stone.

The camera is able to be rotated while in the Build mode, allowing the careful placement of Constructions while crafting your perfect mead hall! Pieces are able to be placed along the Z-axis for up to four levels, allowing for some cozy building while the threats are kept at bay.

Upset with where you’ve placed a particular Construction? Deconstruct freely with more accuracy with the Mallet. The Mallet is now triggered by default when in Build mode and simply highlighting a Construction will allow you to dismantle it. Deconstructing your Stations will return the Materials used to build them if you ever feel you want to entirely pack up and build out somewhere new. Further, this Mallet mode also gives the option to repair said Constructions. What a magical Mallet.

Tutorial Cats (Catorials?)

A viking with a female body type, dark pants, and a brown top looks at a grey cat on a beach with black sand and grey watch. The cat has a gold exclamation point above it's head. The bottom of the image has a picture of a grey cat with gold armor and a tooltip with the name Mániklo and text that reads: "Ah, nightfall, my favorite. When the moon comes out, shadowy creatures emerge from the depths to attack anything in sight, even your precious village if left undefended.
Sóleyra and Mániklo are here to help!

Freyja’s chatty cats from the Tutorial, Sóleyra and Mániklo, make a triumphant return in the update on August 16!

To help guide you through a number of introductory systems in Survival 2.0, one of Freyja’s cats, changing depending on the context, will spawn when you interact with certain triggers in the environment, providing further context and even some tips as you get started on your adventure. They may be cheerful and snarky, but they’re talking cats!

That’s all for now, Vikings – we appreciate your continued support and are looking forward to bringing this update to all of you in just one week from now! 😀

Seil seil, and talk again very soon,
The Norsfell team

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