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The Valhalloween Event has begun!

The Valhalloween Event will run October 12 – November 1! Hiló Vikings! It’s time to embrace the spooky season with axes held high, as we kick off our first Festive event with Valhalloween! 🎃👻 This celebration starts today, October 12th, and runs until November 1st. Everyone and everything from Valhalla, to the Village, to the […]

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Mid-Season 1: The Wolf Saga is LIVE!

Hey Vikings, Today’s the day – our first Mid Saga Update is here, and we’ve got plenty of exciting news to share! We can’t wait to see you all dig into the newness of Midgard, including our Valhalloween event that kicks off October 12th. Let’s dive into just some of what you can expect during […]

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Quick Update from Norsfell

Hi Vikings! It’s been quite a busy past few weeks, and we hope you’re loving your adventures through Midgard so far. We just reached a milestone of 750,000+ players, and we can’t thank you enough for all the support!  We’ve been listening to your feedback here, on our socials, and in our Discord – and […]

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Launch Timings for Tribes of Midgard

Times of Midgard is only a week away from launching on PC and PlayStation! We’re so ready to take down Giants with all of you on July 27!  PlayStation Global Release Times Need to know when Tribes of Midgard will be available to you? Vikings on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will see a rolling […]

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