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A Tour of Home: Village NPCs

The Seed of Yggdrasil is surrounded by your village. It benefits from the protection of you, your tribe, fortifications, and the NPCs that support you. 

These NPCs will aid you in the nighttime, and provide great healing and crafting services to you when the threats are temporarily at bay. You can help them become stronger by leveling them up with the Souls that you have collected in your travels through Midgard. As they level up, your Tribe will also benefit by stronger gear and items becoming available to them. 

These NPCs have many recipes that they know, but you will unlock different and exciting recipes, as you progress through the season’s Saga Mode

Dagný the Seeress 

Dagný looks over the village and the Tree of Life. She’s a skilled Seer and will cast a rejuvenating magic around her to those that ask.  

Ölvir the Trapper 

Öliver specializes in consumables. He’s there to help you craft any number of potions for your needs out in the wild. He’s also a skilled trapper and has bombs that are made to inflict a number of status effects on those going against you.  

Borghild the Armorer 

Borghild is there to assist in making sure you’re well protected (and stylish!). You’ll start naked in the World, but not for long. Find her in the southeast corner of the village to arm yourself with all manner of shields and armor. 

Steinar the Blacksmith 

As strong as your fists might be, you’ll have better luck with some fancy weapons. Steinar is a skilled blacksmith that is known to craft all manner of weaponry and is even able to imbue some elemental properties into them to help you be more effective against enemies. Receive strong swords, axes, hammers, and bows by bringing the needed crafting tools.  

Eyrún the Tinker 

Eyrún has all the tools you need to start tinkering in Midgard.  

Go to her if you need a lumber axe or a pickaxe to start grabbing sturdier resources. You will find construction materials like bridges, ramps, and barriers to help you navigate more freely in the outside world. You can also find special arrows that rain down terror on your foes. She will also help you out if you’re in a bit of a resource pinch as you’re building weapons, gear, and fortifications. Truly a stand-up individual.  

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