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Tribes of Midgard: Weekend Deal 70% off + Byefrost Festive Event

Hiló Vikings,

Tribes of Midgard is now on sale in Steam’s Weekend deal at 70% off – our biggest discount to date – from March 28th until April 4th! What better time to join us than to celebrate the Byefrost Festive Event! 

The Festive Event runs from March 11th – April 18th

As the trees shake themselves of snow, and the sun greets us warmly across Midgard, we bid good”bye” to the frost of Winter’s past and welcome the colorful blossoms of Spring! 

🌷 3 Festive Challenges

During the Byefrost Festive Event, take part in 3 Challenges – one per week of the Event! Check out the rewards for completing these time-limited quests:

🌸 New Byefrost Mounts

In the forces of a tenacious and never-ending winter (as our fellow Canadians know well…) it is said that local villagers call upon Rollo the Spring Bearer to scare off the frost for good. This friendly Spring-wolf is one of our 3 brand new Mounts, including the Riding Rooster (Golden) and Riding Rooster (Spotted).

☀️ Vote on your SHiFT Code item

We’re putting away our winter gear and pulling out a fresh new Spring wardrobe. We need YOUR help – do you prefer the Loki Robes, or Móðguðr Pauldrons? 

Tell us in the comments, and we’ll give out the winning item to everyone for free next week on all our social media platforms!

Finally, don’t forget to hop into our Discord to find a group to play with, ask any questions you might have, and to meet our community! There’s plenty of tips and tricks shared there, if it’s your first time venturing out into Midgard or if you wish to help others on their journey.

Seil seil,

The Norsfell team

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