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Open Beta 3 (Early December 2019)

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  • ???? Community Chest to share Items with others
  • ⚔️ Unsunken Javelin, Goblin Thrower & Helthing Boss
  • ???? Creatures levels with new Spells and visuals
  • ???? Wild NPC merchants to discover in the world
  • ????️ New Highlands/Pools Goblin + Brennalfar Camps
  • ???? Explosive barrels to fend off enemies
  • ⬆️ New Armour set, ways to gain XP and Emotes
  • ???? Voice Lines to communicate and new audio
  • ???? Map generation and readability improvements
  • ???? Auto-equip of gear when one breaks
  • ⌨️ Mouse/keyboard remapping options
  • ???? Game fully localized in 7 languages
  • ???? Admin rights to ban unruly players
  • ???? Bugs fix (including for controllers)
  • ❄️ General balancing improvements

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