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Open Beta 2 (Sept 5-9, 2019)

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  • ???? Difficulty system to choose various options
  • ???? XP system to Level Up and carry progression
  • ???? Tech Tree system to unlock permanent Skills
  • ????️ New armors, weapons, and shields for battle
  • ???? New Potions and Consumables
  • ???? New Customization options

New Features

  • Difficulty: three options with recommendations on amount of players, impacts not only balancing but also specific features.
  • Level Up: live another day and earn XP to level up your character up to Level 20 to earn Skill Points.
  • Skill Tree: with 40 Skills split into 4 classes, specialize the type of character you want to build, one game after the next.
  • Customization: show how you feel with new hair/skin options and 9 Emotes to choose from!
  • Debug: ability to Self-Respawn from the Settings if encountering issues.

New Content

  • Equipment: a new full armor set, new Shields and various new Weapons with new Spells to play with.
  • Potions: a speed boost potion, an invincibility potion, an the very much requested teleport potion to return to the Village in an instant.
  • Enemies: wolf packs are now roaming the plains of Midgard.

Major Improvements

  • Added icons for Ramps and Shallows to facilitate reading where you can climb/cross.
  • Added player ping displayed in Listing and on Map.
  • Added new music and sound effects, including voice overs.
  • Reworked intro sequence with new animations and voice overs.

Major Fixes

  • Fixed Fatal Error crashes that was caused by some fire effects.
  • Fixed most issues with Giant getting stuck in rivers.
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