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Open Beta 1 (July 26-28, 2019)

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  • ❄ Face harsh winters with our new Winter Effect
  • ???? Fight off new creatures, the Goblins
  • ☝ Prepare to battle Giants that now Level Up
  • ⚒ Addition of Tools for resource harvesting
  • ⚖ Updated balancing, attack feel, and more!

New Features

  • Winter: coming to Midgard, culminating with a Blood Moon event featuring a massive Helthings wave every 30 days.
  • Tools: players are now required to craft Wood Axe and Pick Axe in the Blacksmith to gather trees and minerals.
  • Giant Level: Giants now level up each time you defeat one, making them stronger, more resistant and unlocking their abilities.
  • Intro/Outro: game now starts with a intro video presenting the context and ends with a refined game over sequence.
  • Alerts: system revamped to distinguish major alerts from minor alerts, with a couple new ones added to the mix.

New Content

  • Resources: we added Flint Rocks and Branches that can be collected to create tools. Also added nightshift particle effects.
  • Enemies: the Goblins, who tend to travel in a group and are lead by Trölls. Very squishy… and light!

Major Improvements

  • Revamped the roll to be more effective at dodging while preventing spamming to travel faster.
  • Revamped the ballistic of arrows from enemy archers to feel more satisfying.
  • Added an arrow pointing towards the Village on the minimap.
  • Added the notion of Critical Hit that knock back the player, indicated in red in enemy attacks.
  • Added an auto-equip feature on non-equipped Equipment types.
  • Added new music and sound effects, including voice overs.

Major Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs affecting the construction/destruction of Gates in the Village.
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual issues with the day/night cycle
  • Fixed a bug where Treasure Chests of defeated Giant could be unreachable
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